Germany – Rhine river route (d-route 8)

Using the adfc cycle maps we had we found it very easy indeed to pick up the d-route 8 signs in Kleve. The d-route 8 route is a stunning route sticking exclusively to the Rhine. We only took it to Mainz before we split off to Frankfurt. The part we cycled was split into two parts. The northern part of the route is mainly industrial and you are looking at power stations oil refineries with a smattering of lovely towns along the way. Once you hit Düsseldorf and certainly by koln the route changes. You find yourself cycling though picturesque country side rolling hills either side of the river and chocolate box style towns. The sheer numbers of castles and quaint old Catholic churches is astounding. Highlights for us along the route were Koln, Düsseldorf and the beautiful Koblenz. These 2 days provided us with fantastic coffee breaks in small town squares to die for. The cycle route itself is completely flat and not once were we faced with any hills.For the most part it is well maintained and you are sealed tarmac paths. There are several parts especially as you come close to Koblenz where the path was in a poor state. However in many parts they are in the process of completely re-surfacing, so it’s a 2 sided coin. What I did notice straight away was the numbers of other cycle tourists jumped up. They were everywhere old and young, from all parts of europe and some from the usa. So all round a worthwhile ride and one i would recommend probably more so than any other route we have taken so far. Looking forward to seeing what d-route 5 has to offer . Mainz to the czech republic border.

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